Commercial Fleet Services

1EasyCall offers various fleet and insurer services for commercial vehicles. Our in-house specialist commercial team of engineers have years of experience dealing with HGV and LCV vehicles. They understand the needs of fleet partners and adjust the repair processes accordingly to reduce either down time or costs. Our HGV network also provides varying degrees of repair depending on what the client requires, from a full insurer style back to OEM quality repair through to a repair to sell process. Speed is key and the engineers will authorise via images where possible rather than use field engineers.

Other services include mid term and end of lease inspections, claims notification and third party capture to mitigate costs.

Combine this with our ability to source parts from manufacturers or independent suppliers like Euro Car Parts who are our preferred supplier, we can drive down costs and increase your fleet utilisation.

Alternatively insurers / brokers can offer the above services to your customers to add benefit to a current commercial scheme.


  • Driver bump cards
  • End of lease inspections
  • Commercial Repair
  • 24-7 Roadside assistance UK, NI and Europe
  • Repatriation
  • Plastic smart repair
  • Parts supply
  • Engineering
  • Estimate validation
  • Third Party Capture
Bespoke Fleet Services

1EasyCall provides bespoke fleet services from conception to implementation and management. If you are a growing fleet and want to manage your own claims then we can provide a seamless service between you and your insurer / broker. Your drivers will be given a dedicated number to ring, we will validate the claim and provide electronic notification to your transport manager immediately after the call and manage the claim to ensure minimal downtime for the vehicle.

Proactive Third Party capture is also becoming a crucial part of fleet management. We will capture the Third Party on your behalf and fraud screen the claim. If the claim is valid then we will place the Third Party in either a courtesy car or trade hire, then our engineers will manage the repair. This reduces your premium on renewal as our team will ensure your claims spend is managed and kept to a minimum.

Other Commercial Vehicle Services

1EasyCall can offer the following

De-fleet inspections
Repair to sell body repair
Accident damaged repair
Mid-term inspections
Mechanical network